Letters to the Editor

17th October 2002

Dear President,

His Majesty the King has directed me to acknowledge the receipt of your letter signalling the visit your Association intended to make to the city of Ieper on Saturday 12th October.

The Sovereign, who hopes your stay in Belgium was an agreeable one, much appreciates your kind gesture and has asked me to convey to you and to all members of your Association his best wishes for your future activities.

Yours sincerely.




Stanford remembered

Sir, — I read, with interest, the article by Brian Moore in our August 2002 Journal as Stanford is one of my favourite composers. He was one of the few who could write lasting music in the Victorian era. However, Brian’s fascinating article started by celebrating the 150th anniversary of Stanford’s birth, but by the last paragraph he was celebrating the 150th anniversary of his death. Did it take Brian 72 years to write it I wonder?

Michael Cooke

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