Our new Journal contains much of interest. There are fewer meetings to report, as is usual for February, but the Journal is still brimming with delights for the organ devotee. As well as more recent organ happenings, there is a fascination of first hand knowledge and encounter, including coronations and meetings with eminent 20th century composers and organists, from Westminster Abbey and, yes, the Elephant & Castle. As well as Dennis Mathew’s experiences, we make no apology for Harry Coles’ two pieces this time, as it is indeed a privilege to have such detailed and personal accounts. This is balanced with much contemporary news and comment from our usual columnists, including the “short profile” many have been waiting for. Of course, the Journal can only reflect the thoughts and activities of our members and we are be pleased to include items from the widest field. If you have material you would like to contribute, or thoughts for discussion, we would be pleased to hear from you; we can always help with compilation and presentation, so even scribbled notes can be transcribed.

Our future meetings are listed fully in the centre page spread, which we hope will entice members along. We average some forty to fifty people at meetings, which is encouraging and always provides for a friendly atmosphere. If you have not been to a meeting recently, we would be pleased to see you. Our meetings’ reports are intended, primarily, for those who may have been unable to attend, and we trust these may whet appetites for possible future visits.



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