At the close of our sixtieth anniversary year we publish a complete list of our past Presidents since 1946. It reads like a who’s who of the organ world, Mr Gerald H Knight and Mr H A Bennett in just the first two years. They have all been distinguished advocates and indefatigable champions of the organ, people who gave their time and talents to advance and encourage us organists, and we remain forever in their debt.

Our current President, Barbara Childs, is no exception and, although there are some in public life who may be in constant search of a legacy, Barbara’s will surely be the Organ Festival. Our Organ Festival, in May last year, was an indubitable success and our next Festival scheduled for 19th May 2007 should prove just as exciting.

However, history has yet to be written and Barbara’s legacy must not be left to chance, it is in our hands and we must all give the Festival our fullest support. Dr. David Flood has again offered his time, expertise and unadulterated charm to adjudicate, assuring us, and our contestants, a day of elucidation, instruction and unashamed enjoyment.

Strangely, among the plethora of pleasures our monthly meetings provide, it is the simple ones that can often raise expectations. Our Kent County “Teas” have become an institution, the resonant sound of a fine organ seeming to induce a Pavlovian call to the tea table. We are fortunate to enjoy the hospitality generously heaped upon us by kindly church ladies, their skilful cake making cheerfully undertaken for just the cost of the ingredients, allowing us to place our 3.00 in the Treasurer’s collection box without further thought. But this can sometimes be taken for granted as we are occasionally faced with a commercial provider who needs to cover costs, as our Treasurer explains in this Journal. The one occasion when this happened last year we were presented with a few simple sandwiches and tea: but, sadly, no cake!

The grumbles heaped upon our Treasurer were a little ungenerous. Indeed, he has been driven to provide a detailed breakdown and analysis of where our tea money goes. It demonstrates what good value our annual subscription and the small charge at meetings provide.

Our President Elect, Roger Gentry, has been wisely considering our President’s Dinner and has located an excellent hotel venue this year, conveniently situated in Maidstone. The promise of ease of location, pleasant surroundings and good food indicate an enjoyable evening: surely, a date to be entered in your diary now?


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