President’s Corner 
by Barbara Childs

2007 will be well under way by the time this Journal reaches you and our editor, Colin Jilks, will be home again after his Christmas visit to Australia. How Colin and time flies!  However, I would like to thank Colin for this great labour of love to produce such an astoundingly high standard chronicle twice a year.  I imagine he is already at work collecting items for August.  Perhaps you would like to produce an article?

   The Organ Festival this year is on 19 May and will run with a similar format to our inaugural competition. This is a competition for ALL abilities and not just the elite young organists, so do please encourage  pupils to enter. The adjudication comments will give much guidance and help and the players themselves enjoy meeting other young organists.

   Within this Journal you will find a slip for “Friends of the Festival” which I hope you will feel able to support again. Although our main prizes are sponsored, inevitably there are many expenses to cover.

   There is also a form for you to use to nominate someone whom you think could serve on the committee. Only  two meetings a year which is not too onerous, but new members and ideas are always useful and healthy for the Association.

   I look forward to our AGM in July when we shall be starting the meeting with a Buffet Lunch at Tanglewood.  Please come and enjoy time together before our meeting in Westerham.  



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