Balanced Swell Pedals and Choir boys 

The Organist and Choirmaster January 1911

It does appear to the impartial observer that this American(?) invention is at present being forced for all that it is worth upon the English organ-playing world and as long as this state of things is suffered to go on, with neither protest nor painstaking enquiry, it is well-nigh hopeless to look (or to hope) for any well-defined system of standardization in methods of organ-control. Also, unless something else is specified or asked for by an organ committee or private purchaser, the “up-to-date” organ-builder invariably supplies a “Balanced” Swell pedal to his customers; thinking that this is bound, somehow, to be the accepted thing of the future, if it is not so already.

   In many cases, the Balanced Swell pedal is thus arbitrarily supplied greatly to the disappointment and entire disapproval of the organist who has to use it. So that the number of Balanced pedals in use proves nothing. Even if they should happen to be the greater number, it by no means follows that the great majority of organists are, in favour of the thing.

   Also, venturing on to another subject, and contrary to current opinion, Corporal punishment is doubtless good for choirboys, although outside cathedral and collegiate choir schools it is rather a risky thing for a choirmaster to attempt.




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