The President’s Dinner 2007

by Roger Gentry

The Committee, after much consideration, has decided to find a new and more convenient venue for the September 2007 Dinner and to move the date nearer the end of the month in order to give members more time to respond to the invitation published in the August Journal.

The Dinner will therefore be held on Saturday 29 September 2007 at the Grangemoor Hotel, in Maidstone, just opposite St. Michael’s Church. Please do bear this date in mind when booking your holidays or other commitments.

Over the past few dinners/buffet suppers attendance has been a little disappointing with around 40 people attending. The room at the Grangemoor can hold 140 people and so we have plenty of room to encourage more people to attend. The centrally placed venue will benefit those who don’t like driving along dark country roads; other members who will now live within easy reach; and even non-member organists and guests, who might like to become members.

Further details and the menu options, including vegetarian meals, will be included in our August Journal. Let’s make this Dinner a big occasion!


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