Joyful Noise?

The Why, What and How of music in church"

Dr Tim Rishton’s New Book

Dr. Rishton would like us to know about his recently-published book: "Joyful Noise? The Why, What and How of music in church". This 257-page book is intended to be a comprehensive resource for church organists, dealing in three sections with "Why" we should have church music (a theological and pastoral rationale), with "What" it can consist of (choosing hymns and music for services, weddings and funerals, arranging concerts, etc.) and "How" to get the most out of your abilities to produce organ music that will really lead congregations securely in hymns and psalms. It’s intended to be very readable (and we believe that it certainly is!).

Further information (and extracts) is available on, where individual copies can also be ordered.


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