Tea Time

by David Brock

Readers of Organists’ Review will no doubt recall the feature article about our KCOA published in the November 2006 issue and the reference in the opening paragraph to a "good tea". There are occasional instances when the expectations of some members are not met, and I think this is a pity, because some members will have travelled a considerable distance in order to attend.

Generally we get good value for the 3.00 collected at teatime, but not all of this goes to those who have provided tea. It has been our practice for some years now to make a donation of 30.00 to churches we visit, and in 2001 the committee decided to collect 3.00 at teatime so as to avoid taking the whole of the donations out of funds. Normally 2.00 goes to those who have provided tea with 1.00 being retained towards donations. However, this is a guideline, not a hard and fast rule; occasionally we hand over more for tea, sometimes less.

This practice means that, by and large, annual subscriptions cover the cost of printing the Journal twice a year, the general expenses of running the association and the IAO capitation fee of 3.00

A good tea at St. Leonard's Church, Deal

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