Letter from the President 

by Roger Gentry

This will be the last letter I write to you as President of the KCOA — doesn’t time fly!

   We had a very successful Buffet Supper at Allington in September, although not so many attended as the previous year.  Our thanks go to Rosemary and Chris who gave us a very interesting and nostalgic trip down Memory Lane with their Slide Show.  In October we visited F H Browne’s Organ Works at Ash, followed by a visit to St Mary’s, Wingham and in November we visited Shorne and Higham.

   Having got over Carol Services and Christmas generally, we look forward to our Meetings in 2009.  We started with our visit to Bearsted in January, arranged by our Member, Peter Hart.  As well as our normal monthly meetings, we have our 4th Organ Festival at All Saints Church, Maidstone on 16 May, our Day outing to Brentwood and Chelmsford Cathedrals on 20 June and, to finish the season, our Annual General Meeting at Faversham on 18 July.  Full details are set out in the centre pages of the Journal as usual.

   I am very pleased to announce that Margaret Phillips FRCO has very kindly agreed to become the Patron of our Organ Festival and she will be with us on 16 May.  Margaret has agreed to give an Organ Recital later in the afternoon at 5.00 p.m. to which the “General Public” will be invited, as well as KCOA members and their friends.  Full details of the day are set out elsewhere in this Journal.  Please advertise this as widely as you can.

   I would like to thank all the members of the Committee for their time and effort in keeping the Association running for the benefit of all Members.  The monthly meetings continue to be interesting and varied for all members’ tastes so please continue to support your Committee and enjoy the monthly “outings”.

At the Annual General Meeting I shall cease to be President.  I am very pleased to say that Kevin Grafton has agreed to be our next President.  He will also continue to be our Treasurer, for which we are very grateful.

   Thank you for your support and encouragement during my two years as your President.




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