Canterbury Recital


Alexander Bliss & Matthew Jorysz

Alexander and Matthew were the joint winners of our 2008 Organ Festival and, as part of this award, gave a recital in Canterbury Cathedral after evensong on 8th May. 

Alexander is now 15 years old, and Matthew 16. Both played with great confidence and maturity, belying their age, and fully exploited the resources of the cathedral organ. Their individual programmes became progressively more difficult, and one word came to mind — awesome.

Alexander and Matthew at Canterbury Cathedral

Some fifteen KCOA members, family and friends were present to support and enjoy this happy and fulfilling occasion on which Alexander and Matthew acquitted themselves with flying colours. We look forward with keen anticipation to hearing them again at future Organ Festivals.

Alexander played:

Buxtehude Prelude, Fugue and Ciaconna in C
Franck  Prélude, Fugue and Variation
Traerup Sark  Toccata

Matthew played:

Clérambault Suite de Deuxiéme Ton: Plein Jeu & Duo
Buxtehude Komm Heiliger Geist, Herre Gott
Enrico Bossi  Scherzo in G minor
Marcel Dupré   Prélude & Fugue in B major


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