Lambeth Palace

On Wednesday 11th March, five members of our Kent County Organists’ Association were invited to Lambeth Palace for an evening with the Archbishop of Canterbury, our senior Patron. A number of other Societies and organisations, of which the Archbishop is Patron, were also represented. The representatives of our own Association were: Roger Gentry (President), Kevin Grafton (President Elect and Treasurer), Rosemary Clemence (Secretary), Barbara Childs (Festival Committee Chaiman) and Andrew Cesana (Deputy President).

KCOA with the Archbishop

There was an opportunity of mixing with other representatives and organisations before the Archbishop spoke to the kcoa, taking a great interest in our work. However, his knowledge of the technicalities of our organ craft seemed not to be his forte, although he was most gracious before moving on quickly to other groups present. We were also able to enjoy drinks and refreshments kindly provided. We must thank the Lambeth Palace staff, who were most courteous and interested in our activities, making us feel most welcome.


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