The organ was built and installed in 1883 by J.D. Dixon of Cambridge and used for the first time on Easter Day of that year. It has an original tracker mechanism and an electric blower which was added subsequently. The original hand-pumping facilities remain in situ.  The records show the organ cost 399-17s-10d, including the cost of decorating the front pipes and carriage by cart from Maidstone railway station. It was paid for by public subscription, various fund-raising events and the Easter collection for 1883. It is currently tuned and maintained by F. H. Browne & Sons of Canterbury. The specification is shown below:






Cornopean          8ft

Celeste             8ft

Pedal Open        16ft

Gamba                8ft

Piccolo            2ft

Pedal Bourdon   16ft

Lieblich Gedeckt 8ft

Stopt Diapason8ft


Bourdon             8ft

Trumpet          8ft


Oboe                  8ft

Harflute           4ft


Mixture   III

Principal          4ft


Principal             4ft

Dulcian            8ft


Diapason            8ft

Open               8ft